Is your idea monstrous?

In advertising and marketing, what’s the difference between a good idea and a monster idea? The truly monster idea is more than just good; it transcends the boundaries of the problem to solve it so simply and so powerfully that it almost sells itself. It’s the campaign idea that grows on its own, powered by those evangelists who first discover its true value, and it forces everyone else to catch up with it—if they can. So, how can you tell a monster idea from a good one? In the world of business, particularly in advertising and marketing, that’s not as simple a question as it seems. Sure, with the benefit of hindsight, it’s easy to see a monster idea for what it is. But what about before you take the leap of faith and invest resources and energy in your idea?

In Chasing the Monster Idea, author Stefan Mumaw provides a seven-question process for gauging the potential of any big idea. Based on real-world campaigns and insider anecdotes from some of the world’s most prominent marketing minds and ad agencies, Stefan presents seven questions for determining whether you’ve got the potential for a truly explosive idea or the makings of a fizzling yawner. Find out of your idea has what it takes to go monster!

Is your idea monstrous?

Stefan Mumaw is the newly minted Creative Director and Purveyor of All That Rocks for Callahan Creek, a Kansas City-area ad agency. Before writing Chasing the Monster Idea, he co-authored Caffeine for the Creative Team and Caffeine for the Creative Mind with Wendy Lee Oldfield, and also penned Redesigning Websites and Simple Websites. Stefan has spoken at numerous creative industry gatherings over the years, written a smattering of articles for HOW Magazine, Step-by-Step Magazine and Dynamic Graphics, contributes to a number of creativity-focused blogs and been known to embarrass himself and those around him if given the opportunity.

Is your idea monstrous?
Caffeine for the Creative MindCaffeine for the Creative Mind
250 creative exercises and interviews with creative leaders designed to train creative growth and inspire ideas in greater quantity.
Caffeine for the Creative TeamCaffeine for the Creative Team
Brainstorming techniques, team creative exercises and interviews with creative team leaders to facilitate creative collaboration and ideation.
Simple WebsitesSimple Websites
An exploration of simplicity in web design, showcasing dozens of complex site structures reduced to elegant, simple site designs.
Redesigning WebsitesRedesigning Websites
Using numerous visual case studies to investigate the strategic difference between designing a website from scratch vs the redesign process.
Is your idea monstrous?
If you lead a corporate marketing team, organize team-building talks, spearhead business or industry conferences, or just need a jolt of creative mojo for you and your team, Chasing the Monster Idea author Stefan Mumaw can be booked to lead creativity workshops or deliver inspiring keynote lectures. As an author, creative director, designer and writer, Stefan’s lifetime of creative pursuits have him tooled to motivate, educate and alter behavior, often times for the better.

Stefan has three focused talks/workshops he offers, all based on one of his last three books and all centering on the concept of generating ideas in greater quantity and quality. Filled with real-world examples, expert insight from creative leaders the world over and injected with a vein of playfulness, attendees will leave with a renewed sense of wonder, a revived creative process and an actionable call to chase monster ideas in any field or industry. Click below to get the skinny on each of his three talks/workshops or click here to book Stefan for your next jolt of creative juice!

Book Base: Caffeine for the Creative Mind


Are your ideas flimsy? Do you feel like your ideas scamper away in the dark and hide the moment you share them? Are you jealous of those rocking few who seem to come up with novel, creative solutions to even the most hard-nosed of problems, the kind of ideas that are uttered along side angelic voices while beams of light fall from the heavens? Good, because Reign Creative Director and Caffeine for the Creative Mind author Stefan Mumaw has the plan to turn your creative output from sparse to habitual. "Habit" explores where creativity hides and how we can generate ideas in greater quantity and quality, regardless of job title or project restrictions. Don’t settle for routine thoughts and stale solutions, crank up your ideation and learn how to boost the potential of your concepts.

Book Base: Caffeine for the Creative Team


What do the most creative shops in the nation do to inspire their teams to pump out great idea after great idea? What process do they engage in to take a group of individuals and fuse them into free-flowing concept machines? Caffeine for the Creative Team author Stefan Mumaw explores this dynamic by grafting the best practices and processes from these creative giants in an effort to replace ineffective brainstorming with a new directive: brainsqualling.


"Brainsqualling" is a team-focused workshop that follows the principles laid out in Caffeine for the Creative Team. The workshop is an active, hands-on workshop where we explore effective brainstorm and concepting techniques and engage in creative exercises to illustrate points (and inject a ton of fun and laughter into the workshop.)

"Chasing Monsters"
Book Base: Chasing the Monster Idea


Ever had an idea you KNEW was going to be big... really big? This idea, you say to yourself (and anyone else within earshot,) is a monster idea. So you let it loose into the world, sit back, and wait for the shrieks and screams to rise like applause. Only, there aren't any shrieks. No blood-curdling howls. Not even a sniffled whimper. There was a yawn, you heard that. What happened? Or better yet, what didn't happen? The idea didn't grow monstrous like you thought because it lacked what monster ideas all need: monster parts. There are seven characteristics marketing and advertising ideas need to possess to carry the potential of going monster and Chasing the Monster Idea author Stefan Mumaw is going to tell you what they are. Mixed in are stories and anecdotes, examples and warnings. He'll provide the measuring stick you've been looking for to know if your idea has what it takes to go monster.


Reign is an idea shop, an ad agency whose primary focus is taking the road less traveled. We are a group of questioners, never asking "why don't we just..." but rather "what if.." Our philosophy is born from a fundamental belief that as the communication landscape changes, so does our methods for reaching our audience. In principle, our philosophy is 3-fold: Emotion Creates Experience, Experience Incites Action and Everything is Media. In form, our philosophy is manifested in the tenets described in Chasing the Monster Idea, we wrote the book based on how we approach advertising and marketing. In short, we wholeheartedly believe in chasing monsters.


If you think the expected is no longer good enough and you're ready to light the torches and sharpen the pitchforks for your brand, check out our website then give us a shout.